Friday, March 02, 2007

Who wants to join EUSSR? (Part I)

Communism is evil. One of grates evils that ever got into Europe. The only evil which could be compared to communism is stupidity of the German tribes (Saxons, Franks, etc). Those tribes destroyed much of the Europe through out whole european history (from the ancient Rome 'till the latest wars in the Balkans.) The European Union seems to keep those tribes (Germany, Britain, their oversees "partners", and their balkanian wanabe colonialists) under control (for now). That means that EU has learned something from the last wars, and leaves me enough space to concentrate on the first evil - the communism.

In Serbia, communisam was introduced during the Kingdom of SCS (and later Kingdom of Yugoslavia), but it never got eough influence. That is, untill the Engish supported it during the WWII. Since then it rooted into Yugoslavia so deeply, that when communism died Yugoslavia died with it. Now you have five balkanian reservations (and still counting), goverened by that same communists. It was the choice wether to destroy the system or to destroy the country, and the communists of all Yugoslavian republics agreed that the country should be destroyed (and they stay on power)

There are two main enemies of the Communist party: foreing imperialism and domestic nationalism. These were the criteria that determed the grait differentiation process. In all of the ex-YU republics comrades have devided (more or less) on these two main tribes. In Serbia there were (are): nationalists (ex commusists that oppose to "foreign imeprialism", and , of course, who are "for the Serbs") and antinationalists (ex communists who oppose to domestic, "greater-Serbian", nationalism). In the case of Croatians, there were much more nationalist commies than antinationalist commies, thus the division is not so visible. That fact prove to be a trigger for rebelion of the Serbs in Croatia, since national-commies of Croatia started to revive NAZI vocabulary (of the WWII-nazi-puppet sate of Croatia). Not so long after that, nazi-communists of Serbia started the "Greater Serbia" story, just so their comrades from Croatia could have an excuse. And so the war in Croatia began, lasted, exported to Bosnia, and ended. Croatian communists have won: the "big evil Serbs" were cleansed from Croatia (an old cro-nazi-WWII dream came true), and the serbian refugees came in Serbia where UN sanctions and (later) the NATO bombs were waiting for them. (together with the nazi and antinazi serbian communists.)

The end of the part one.