Thursday, March 17, 2011

One Personal Message

It has been a while since my last post. Lots of things have happened since, but only recent events made me realize that I ought to write one message.

One summer in Belgrade, more than 3 years ago, I've met a man. A distinguished professor, and what's more important a good man from Okinawa, Japan. His wonderful lecture, an inspiring speech, made me think about values that I've propagated on this weblog, just as values in my life in general.

This may not be the proper way (my rusty English), but certainly is the proper time to say: Thank you Mr. Takamiyagi Shigeriyu , and In this time of need I would like to express my deepest sympathy regarding recent events in Japan. I wish all will go well for you and your family, as well as all the people of Japan.

My thoughts are with you.

Friday, September 21, 2007

EUA and Goodbye

One thing seems to bother some Americans these days: Will America become more like the EU?

Since I've already answered on that question elsewhere, I'll just paste it now:

Perhaps because of the latest EU’s “initiative”. That revealed one interesting truth: EU has no opinion on its own but uses USA’s and UN(A)’s as reference points. (Immortal words of Biljana Vankovska remind us: “And what can one expect from a Union whose foreign and security policy is headed by the former NATO Secretary-General?”. Read the text here. )


From that (and some other) incidents, one might conclude that EU is not neutral regarding USA Middle East policy, but rather passive. ( Soft USA is precisely how EU sounded regarding Iran.) Another thing reminded me of USA, and that is EU’s trying to resolve its own internal conflicts (regarding England) trough humiliation of Iran. And that is what many respectable American thinkers consider to be the source of USA’s interventionism: unresolved internal conflicts....

A Goodbye

In the months to come I won't be so active in blogging, and here are some reasons:
- reconstruction of National Library of Serbia (where I had been spending almost all of my Internet time);
- poor financial situation and lack of job (add to that lawlessness, widespread corruption, cronyism, nepotism and incompetence are just being packed in a new blue-yellow "pro-EU" package, which is supposed to replace old, red star "pro-YU" package.);
- "domestic" part of the audience of this blog (mainly above mentioned corrupted, incapable "elite"), etc...

When I first started this blog, it was for two purposes mainly. One was to practice (and hopefully improve) my English: back then I had an idea about emigrating to Australia, but unfortunately, found out that in spite of my various skills it was too expensive for me. Other, so-called "western", countries were never an option. Some eastern were, though. However, if you are an Australian girl who accidentally fallen in love with me while reading this blog, and wants/needs urgently to get married - don't hesitate to contact me. :) . The other reason for starting this weblog was to write something that would be useful to the others.

Therefore, I hope it was useful, and that you enjoyed reading it.


Tuesday, August 14, 2007

A Picture for My Profile

It seem that there is no other way to place a picture in the profile (that little one, on the right), but to post it in a blog entry first. Since I hve to open a new blog entry just because of it, it would be fair to write a few words of explaination. For those of you who haven't recognised, it is Beowulf. A legendary hero from the famous english epic poem "composed during the early Middle Ages". (But it's most probably a forgery from late XVIII or early XIX century.)

Nevertheless, the epic, itself, sends great message. It teaches us that there are things we can do while we are young, which we can't do when we become old. Something that our civilisation has almost forgotten. All those 50+ years old teenagers, and (consequently) 16+ years old senile oldimers that we see everyday prove that this epic poem's narative is lost.

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Apropos "sortings"

As a response to one blog comment (made by an Egnlishman nicknamed Anon), I wrote a text which I later found interesting for wider audience. Here is copy/paste of that text:

Anon said: "the EU watched as thousands were massacred in Bosnia, until the Americans came and sorted it out."

Note that "sorted it out" means: "bombarded the bloody Serbs".

Since there were three times when big evil Serbs were bombarded (by third parties in the ex-Yu civil war), I'll try to guess of which particular "sorting it out" Anon is speaking.

Af far as I know only one time Americans alone bobarded us. That was fifteen years ago, Geogre Bush Senior was just finishing some "sortings" in the Middle East, and came here to bomb the Bosnian Serbs. What were the reasons I still don't know. Nor the many other people. Some of them even don't rememer that bombig at all. (That is why I've mentionioned it, regarding Darfur on that other comment.)

But, perhaps Anon thinks of 9/11 ? It is fair to say that it wasn't American only bombing, but it was carried out by the NATO. ( That would meant that "europeans" gave their contribution for the "world peace".) They've "learned a lesson" (the Serbs are always guilty) and considering the Srebrenica "massacre" I'm sure some of them are even proud of of that "sorting out".

The third one was also because some "massacres", but this time it was in order "to prevent it". That "sorting" was also carried by the NATO which means that "europeans" participated in it as well. For example, late Robin Cook was one of the promoters of that "sorting". (I see that this part was left out from is biography on the website. )

So if this "sortings" are something good, "europeans" don't have nothing to be ashamed of - they were reliable junior partner in everlasting battle for world peace. No less than hm..., let's see, the British in Iraq.

You see, that's one more thing you've got in common. You (UK and the rest of the EU) are both junior partners of the Empire in its "righteous war against evil".

Although it was NATO who bombed the Serbs, we use the term "American bobmings", or U.S. led NATO - because that's the truth.

Read also:
The Tyrant of Bosnia or The Making of The "Vibrant Democracy" in practice. Year is 2004, Europe (Bosnian Serb Republic). The event described, happened just a couple of months after the pogrom in Kosovo (Serbia, Europe). The pogrom which some of us considere to be a consequence of early "mistakes" of Bernard Kushner (such as Ashdown's in Bosnia). Just like Kushner, Ashdown, Steiner (and other wanabe Imperial pro-consuls) so do the "european" politicians share one veiw on the Balkan crises.
Interesting enough, always the same as the current American president. (The Bushes, or Clinton, or someone new. That is why posted a link to Pat Buchanan's text, on my previos comment. Mr Buchanan was a candidate for a president, and had he won the elections who knows what would "europeans" think about the Balkan crises now.)

So much of the "Great European Empire" someone was talking about...

Will the Independend ever going to write about that, or should we wait for the BBCNN? Perhaps warmonging leftists from Guardian? If you ask me, it doesn't matter. I wouldn't read it anyway.

(My attitude towards the media (no matter whether they are crappy leftist or not, "foreing" or "domestic") is based on 15 years of lies and hatered coming from them. That has thought me one thing: when ever you want to know what is going on, the last thing to look for it is in the media.)

Thursday, May 31, 2007

The Rise of Intelligence

Two weeks ago, Asocciated Press published a very interesting article which, believe it or not, mentiones my poor self. It's not everyday that AP (or some other news agency) speaks so good (and very close to the truth) about one Serb, so I can only expres my gratitude. However, some minor clarification I'm ought to write.

First, to expalin the nickname: "Z". It is from my highschool days. On our final exam a professor gave one hard Math assignment that nobody could solve. Since I was very good in Math, only I've managed to find a solution. That solution was the following inequation:


Second, that quote which AP mentiones: "I am not a spy. I am a doer of good." is misinterpeted. What I said was: "I am not a spy. I am to handsome to be a spy." ( Since we all make mistakes, but we are not all handsome. )

Third, that classified NATO and U.N. documents just proved what I've already known: that ten years of U.N. sanctions, and 78 days of NATO aggression destroyed Serbia's economy, and made the things worse in Kosovo, but so did the corruption, nepotism, and incompetence of our domestic "elites". That means that neither of sides in these conflicts (international community, domestic "elites", warmonging media, etc. ) can wash its bloody hands by accusing someone else.

It's time to do some thinking.

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Friday, May 04, 2007

Unpleasent Question

While surfing the web, I came accross one interesting article. The article is about two US-led aggressions and their similarities. The article is well written, but more than 3 years ago. So, just one sentence obviously needs to be updated:

The US was now clearly determined to remove Milosevic, who was obstructing Yugoslavia's integration into the western institutional and economic framework.

First, Milosevic wasn't against "western institutional and economic framework". Those who knew him say that he was in love in American way of life (where he worked as a banker for a while). Some of the socially owned enterprises were privatised during his time, also. However, it is pretty hard to "integrate into western framework" when you have US/UN/EU economic sanctions, wouldn't you say? Yes, reforms were slow, but they were going in a right direction. And, unfortunately, with no help from european democracies. (Exept from Italy at some point, of which we are grateful. )

Second, as I said before, Milosevic was overthrowed more than six years ago, and he is dead (for more than a year), but American policy towards Serba hasn't changed a bit. You can notice that lack of Milosevic disorder, as they continue with humiliating, preasuring and punishing the government in Belgrade, although it is said to be a democratic one. With Milosevic on power they wouldn't hesitate to (for example) try to bomb Kosovo away from Serbia, again. Speaking of Kosovo, have you heard that "US is determened to remove the extremists among ethnic Albanians, who are obstructing Kosovo's integration into the western cultural and civilisation framework that exists in today's Serbia"?

Unpleasent question, eh?

Monday, March 26, 2007

Serbian-American Relations

Everytime someone mentiones Serbian-American relations, my first reaction is: "what the hell those Americans want now?". Since 1991, America has become a synonym for "lies, serbhating propaganda, bombings, and pressure". But it wasn't always like this.

Diplomatic relations between Serbia and America were established in Oct 14th 1881, when american consul-General Eugene Schuyler and serbian Minister of foreing Affairs Chedomir Mijatovich signed a Consular convention and a trade Agreement. Back than average Americans knew about the Kingdom of Serbia as much as they do know now about the Republic of Serbia. That situation slightly changed during the Balkan wars (1912/13) when American press wrote about our fight against the Turks. During the WWI Serbia and USA became allies and, some say, maintained close relations. In WWII the United States supported Serbian royal guerilla movment, aka the chetniks. The leader of the chentiks, Gen. Drazha Mihailovich appeared on a cover page of Time in May 1942, and that was the last time one Serb was regarded in a possitive sense: unconquered. About fifty years later (on Sep 11th 1995) a cover of Time will look like this:

How did we come to this stage?
Gradually of course. First in 1991, USA ended a 110 years old history of good relations with modern Serbia, with a false claim that "the Socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia has dissolved and that no successor state represents its continuation". The claim, of course, isn't true, and in any decent history book one could find a timeline that looks something like this:

-Principality of Serbia (1817-1878);
-Kingdom of Serbia (1878-1918) (In 1881, The first diplomatic relations with America were established)
-Kingdom of the Serbs, Croats, and Slovenes (1918-1941) (Renamed in Kingdom of Yugoslavia in 1929)
-Socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia (1945-1992) (In 1991, USA ended good diplomatic relations)
-Federal Republic of Yugoslavia (1992-2003);
-State Union of Serbia and Montenegro (2003-2006);
-Republic of Serbia (Since June 5th, 2006)

So in 1991, Serbian-American relations died, but it was the aggression on Serbia in 1999. that buried it (for good?). Does anyone remeber that bobming now? Reasons? Objectives? Effects? Let's go on a quck tour.

In 1998, so-called Kosovo Liberaton Army (a terrorist organisation) staged several attacks on both police forces in Kosovo and civilian population. The attacks became more frequent, and the clashes between regular Serbian forces and the KLA increased. In a paralel with military clashes, the media war was going on too. The stories about "Serbian atrocities, terror, and new genocide" started to emerge in the main-stream media. As a response to those acussations UN sent serveral inspections on Kosovo to check it out. None of those inspections could confirm such acussations. Meanwhile, a fake negotiation process started in Rambouillet having the two sides as participants and representatives of US (Clinton's) administration as mediators. Openly favouring KLA side, Clinton's administration finaly found a "reason" for military intervention: "The Serbs didn't want to sign a peace agreement. " Since that wasn't sufficent reason to launch such attacks, the media "helped" once again: "we must prevent humanitarian catastrophe, prevent new genocide and ethnic cleansing". So the attacks begun. Note that when they couldn't find genocide (because there was no genocide), they launched attacks in order "to prevent it". The truth is (and NATO admited it later) that genocide could have happened right under NATO jets, for "there was no strategy for preventing it". On the other hand, air raids caused massive migrations in whole Serbia. The migrations were biggest in Kosovo where air raids and military clashes between regular forces and the KLA were hardest. Six to seven hundred thousand Albanians (about a half of all the albanian population in Kosovo) escaped mainly to neighbouring Albania and Macedonia (some of them to Montenegro and abroad), while the non-albanian population (Serbs, Roma, Turks, etc.) escaped mainly to Serbia. After 78 days of bombing, when the peace agreement was signed, the real aggression was about to start. Of 600-700 000 albanians who fled Kosovo, about twice as much (1 200 000 - 1 400 000) came back. The border with Albania was wide open and "free Kosovo" was accepting anyone who wanted to come to "the promissed land". (Not long after that (2001), and as a consequence of U.S. intervention, a small war will broke in Macedonia. Again, between one branch of KLA (NLA) and regular forces of Macedonian state.)
While the raging mob and KLA were condicting the physical aggression ( murders, terror, WARNING: DISTURBING PICTURES, desecrated graveyards ) against the non-Albanians (and the Aalbanians who were for peaceful co-existance with the Serbs); KFOR officials, together with UN Officials and American envoys started a judicial aggression. They started to brake their own peace agreement (and UN Resolution 1244) thus giving albanian extremist a motive to continue. (And they did. The pogrom in 2004, will prove that.) Meanwhile, UN itself has become a target of extremism, and that is why are they so desperate to forward all this to the EU. (As if that would solve anything?!)

The point is that America supports the idea of independent Kosovo and consequently so does the media, UN, and american wanabe "partners" in Europe. The question is Why?

Some say "because of Milosevic". But Milosevic was owerthrowned six years ago, and he's dead now. (I wont even go into double game that U.S. played with Milosevic.)
Some say "as a punishment for genocide". Which genocide? The "genocide in Kosovo" which NATO "managed to prevent", or "genocide" in Bosnia, of which the Serbia was found not guilty by the International Courte of Justice. And here is one tought: wouldn't you say that ten years of UN sanctions, 78 days of NATO aggression, and everlasting media hate is quite enough punishment (even for imaginary "genocide").

Some say "because Serbia doesn't cooperate enough with the Haag tribunal (ICTY)." In what jail Milosevic died? How many Serbs commited suicide there? How many serbian ex-presidents had (or have) trial there? How many serbian politicians are waiting for a trial (and for how long)? That is more than that kangaroo court can handle.

Some say "because of Serbian conspiracy with Russia". Ha! It seems that for some people Cold War never ended. Since all other "reasons" prove to be a fraud, I've got an idea how this "conspiracy problem" can be solved. Why doesn't America, for once in her recent history, stand up for the UN charter, UN resolution (on Kosovo), international law, and common sense? Maybe then, America's "partners" in Europe would dare to realise that the Union which they're trying to build has interests as well. Maybe then, the UN would dare to face the problems on Kosovo rather than trying to put it under the carpet and forward it to the EU.
That would really revive Serbian-American relations, and all the "conspiracies" would vanish.

To conclude

We may say that Since 1943 Serbian-American relations have not particulary been good. That includes the relations to all American presidents (since 1943) with only one exception: John Kennedy. American Serbs mourned him like they would mourn a Serb. Such simpathy and respect is not what recent american presidents could expect from the Serbs. It is not just the fact that USA wont recognise the State of Serbia (its continuity), nor it is just because of Bush's (Senior) and Clinton's bombings, media propaganda, and conseqences of it: UN sanctions and kangaroo courts. No, it is the fact that America doesn't recognise herself anymore. America has lost her own continuity, that is why she is unable to recognise Serbia's. That is why the Serbs (and not just us) are still "a threat to America" no matter what. But that is something that American people needs to solve, we can just hope that it will be very soon.

Serbian-American relations 1881-1991

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