Thursday, May 31, 2007

The Rise of Intelligence

Two weeks ago, Asocciated Press published a very interesting article which, believe it or not, mentiones my poor self. It's not everyday that AP (or some other news agency) speaks so good (and very close to the truth) about one Serb, so I can only expres my gratitude. However, some minor clarification I'm ought to write.

First, to expalin the nickname: "Z". It is from my highschool days. On our final exam a professor gave one hard Math assignment that nobody could solve. Since I was very good in Math, only I've managed to find a solution. That solution was the following inequation:


Second, that quote which AP mentiones: "I am not a spy. I am a doer of good." is misinterpeted. What I said was: "I am not a spy. I am to handsome to be a spy." ( Since we all make mistakes, but we are not all handsome. )

Third, that classified NATO and U.N. documents just proved what I've already known: that ten years of U.N. sanctions, and 78 days of NATO aggression destroyed Serbia's economy, and made the things worse in Kosovo, but so did the corruption, nepotism, and incompetence of our domestic "elites". That means that neither of sides in these conflicts (international community, domestic "elites", warmonging media, etc. ) can wash its bloody hands by accusing someone else.

It's time to do some thinking.

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