Saturday, January 20, 2007

Serbia Elections 2007 - Tomorrow Europe Wins!

Who is who

SRS - (Serbian Radical Party) - "ultra nationalists" - manly a bunch of ex-commies, who (when the time was right) converted to "nationalism" (instead of joining some quasi NGO) Milosevic used them as "a bogeyman", in order to scare people and get more votes. (Like in: "look at those Radical animals, you don't want them to rule. Do you!?") Now the "democrats" are doing the same.
Their 2007 election moto: "Will negotiate with EU, if EU supports us in Kosovo"

SPS - (Serbian Socialist Party) - leftists - enough said.
Their 2007 election moto: "We are not the same anymore."

DS - (Democratic Party, Boris Tadic) - highly corrupted group of people, but who can blaim them?! They spent last decade and more, looking at Milosevic's oligarchs steal and cheat. Seven years ago, they finaly managed to sit in Milosevic's chair, and now is their turn to steal, rob, lie, and cheat.
Their 2007 election moto: "EU, Kosovo, jobs, money - we'll say anything to stay out of jail."

DSS - (Serbian Democratic Party, Vojislav Kostunica) - it was Kostunica who overthrowed Milosevic, but he was humiliated so many times (by corrupted "democratic" politicians, "objective" media, and foreign EU bureaucrates) that no one even remebers that fact. DSS is a party easy to manipulate with. And their multiple humiliations prove this. ( I voted them until the last elections, since when I gave up on politics)
Their 2007 election moto: "Corruption, nepotism, media-prostitution, shady privatisation process, no rule of law , and no justice - are the main problems in Serbia. But on our priority list these things are somewhere in the middle - for we know better than the people."

These are the main political parties in Serbia. As you can see, they are all pro-European. That gives me an easy choice who to vote for: NO ONE.

For I will not vote for any pro-European party before EU acknowledges this .