Monday, July 03, 2006

Breaking the Enigma cipher

The famous crypto machine, "Enigma", was constructed and developed by the Germans, and it was used during the World War II in its vrious forms. This version, although improved by the best you-know-whose scientists, was still an easy target.

Here is the picture coded by that "new and improved" Enigma.

Let us reveal the most important secrets contained in this picture with a little help from this article

The results of this IQ research (as well as the article above) suggest that the research itself was conducted either on a specially chosen group of people or a specific territory.

Therefore, Germany is the first because the selected area was Lausitia. (Learn more on and ) Professor Lynn (who conducted the research) confirms that: "the side with the higher IQ normally wins, unless they are hugely outnumbered". As we all know, it was the Sorben who were hugely outnumbered by the wild and brainless German tribes.

As for the second place, the native Netherlanders obviously didn't participate at all. (If they did, their score would be probably around zero.)

So why aren't the British Isles among the winners? (See the picture, they are 8th!). According to professor Lynn, the answer is simple: "The main environmental influence on IQ is diet," and "the proteins, minerals and vitamins provided by meat are essential for brain development." As we all know, the British had some "meat problems" during the last couple of years -especially with beef (sic!) - so it probably influenced on their IQ.

The last place could be a surprise for anyone, but the Serbs. The majority of our politicians, rich businessmen, university professors (and students), members of the press, NGOs ,culture workers, people who read newspapers or watch TV or people from local selfgovernment, are the biggest idiots in Europe. Every honest Serb knows that. The only thing that is confusing here is : how come their score is so high?