Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Apropos "sortings"

As a response to one blog comment (made by an Egnlishman nicknamed Anon), I wrote a text which I later found interesting for wider audience. Here is copy/paste of that text:

Anon said: "the EU watched as thousands were massacred in Bosnia, until the Americans came and sorted it out."

Note that "sorted it out" means: "bombarded the bloody Serbs".

Since there were three times when big evil Serbs were bombarded (by third parties in the ex-Yu civil war), I'll try to guess of which particular "sorting it out" Anon is speaking.

Af far as I know only one time Americans alone bobarded us. That was fifteen years ago, Geogre Bush Senior was just finishing some "sortings" in the Middle East, and came here to bomb the Bosnian Serbs. What were the reasons I still don't know. Nor the many other people. Some of them even don't rememer that bombig at all. (That is why I've mentionioned it, regarding Darfur on that other comment.)

But, perhaps Anon thinks of 9/11 ? It is fair to say that it wasn't American only bombing, but it was carried out by the NATO. ( That would meant that "europeans" gave their contribution for the "world peace".) They've "learned a lesson" (the Serbs are always guilty) and considering the Srebrenica "massacre" I'm sure some of them are even proud of of that "sorting out".

The third one was also because some "massacres", but this time it was in order "to prevent it". That "sorting" was also carried by the NATO which means that "europeans" participated in it as well. For example, late Robin Cook was one of the promoters of that "sorting". (I see that this part was left out from is biography on the website. )

So if this "sortings" are something good, "europeans" don't have nothing to be ashamed of - they were reliable junior partner in everlasting battle for world peace. No less than hm..., let's see, the British in Iraq.

You see, that's one more thing you've got in common. You (UK and the rest of the EU) are both junior partners of the Empire in its "righteous war against evil".

Although it was NATO who bombed the Serbs, we use the term "American bobmings", or U.S. led NATO - because that's the truth.

Read also:
The Tyrant of Bosnia or The Making of The "Vibrant Democracy" in practice. Year is 2004, Europe (Bosnian Serb Republic). The event described, happened just a couple of months after the pogrom in Kosovo (Serbia, Europe). The pogrom which some of us considere to be a consequence of early "mistakes" of Bernard Kushner (such as Ashdown's in Bosnia). Just like Kushner, Ashdown, Steiner (and other wanabe Imperial pro-consuls) so do the "european" politicians share one veiw on the Balkan crises.
Interesting enough, always the same as the current American president. (The Bushes, or Clinton, or someone new. That is why posted a link to Pat Buchanan's text, on my previos comment. Mr Buchanan was a candidate for a president, and had he won the elections who knows what would "europeans" think about the Balkan crises now.)

So much of the "Great European Empire" someone was talking about...

Will the Independend ever going to write about that, or should we wait for the BBCNN? Perhaps warmonging leftists from Guardian? If you ask me, it doesn't matter. I wouldn't read it anyway.

(My attitude towards the media (no matter whether they are crappy leftist or not, "foreing" or "domestic") is based on 15 years of lies and hatered coming from them. That has thought me one thing: when ever you want to know what is going on, the last thing to look for it is in the media.)