Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Who wants to join EUSSR? (Part Two)

When croatinan communists commited the biggest ethninc cleansing in ex-YU wars, no one seems to cared abut that (at the time). It was after Sarajevo, and esspecially after Srebrenica, that "big evil Serbs" became "the source of all the evil in the Balkans" and consequently legitetime targets with no human rights at all. The "big evil Serbs" paradigm served nicely to croatian communists (and some others), to justify every atrocity against the Serbs (even some from the WWII). Now, when the Interenational Court of Justice rulled that Serbia is not guilty of genocide, croatian communists are mad. Even mor than the Bosniaks. In his explanation of Srebrenica "massacre" , Nebojsa Malic says:
To Bosnian Muslims, Srebrenica is a story of mass murder, and they use this assertion as a "bloody shirt" to accuse the Serbs of genocide.
But I would say that Bosnian muslims are being used, and they are probably the biggest victims of Balkan wars, but also the victims of croatian propaganda and their own mistakes.

The Serbs and the Bosnian muslims could find a place in their hearts for forgiveness (and there are things to forgive, on both sides), but many "professional peacemakers" and "caring croatian neighbours" just don't want that to happen.

But, let the Croats take care of their own communists (if they wish) or chose to beleive them like they always did. The smaretest thing anyone ever said abut croatian enthinc cleansig was: "So let them have their ethnicly clean croatian state, now they'll have no Serbs to blaim for everything."


The sixth and the last(?) of the ex-YU reservations that was saved from "the big evil Serbs". The dubious referendum ended the existance of "Serbia and Montenegro" (former Federal Republic of Yugoslavia), in which Montenegro have been independent in everything but in name. What were the reasons for seccession? Officaly: "the big evil Serbs occupied Montenegro, and now was the time for liberation". The truth: like any other communist government, the Montenegrin goverment was incapable to provide the rule of law, honest privatisation, etc. So the guilt had to be projected on the "union with Serbia." They were also hoping that "the Russians will come and buy all". So, the Montenegrin seccession was partialy a markenting trick so that some half-literrate russian business-thief, after seing the montenegrin flag (which looks simillar to russian coat of arms) would come and wash his dirty money in the warm Adriatic sea. That hasn't happened, at least not as the Montenegreens expected. Now there are two voices in pro-independent Montenegro: one that still blaims others ( Serbian Orhtodox Church: as they were not praying hard enough, or The Group for Change - Nebojsa Medojevic whose smart criticisms hurt eveery corrupted government in both Montenegro and here in Serbia); and the other voice (primarly among actors, singers, sportsmen, "honest businessmen") that says: we were for the independence but we were never chauvinists.:)

Just like the Croats, the Montenegreens choosed to believe their communists and their serbhating propaganda. Some of them still do.

The Serbs however, were less susceptible to the propaganda of their communists (both "nationalists" and "antinationalists"). Of that I shall speak in the tird (and last) part of this blog entry.