Tuesday, August 14, 2007

A Picture for My Profile

It seem that there is no other way to place a picture in the profile (that little one, on the right), but to post it in a blog entry first. Since I hve to open a new blog entry just because of it, it would be fair to write a few words of explaination. For those of you who haven't recognised, it is Beowulf. A legendary hero from the famous english epic poem "composed during the early Middle Ages". (But it's most probably a forgery from late XVIII or early XIX century.)

Nevertheless, the epic, itself, sends great message. It teaches us that there are things we can do while we are young, which we can't do when we become old. Something that our civilisation has almost forgotten. All those 50+ years old teenagers, and (consequently) 16+ years old senile oldimers that we see everyday prove that this epic poem's narative is lost.