Friday, May 04, 2007

Unpleasent Question

While surfing the web, I came accross one interesting article. The article is about two US-led aggressions and their similarities. The article is well written, but more than 3 years ago. So, just one sentence obviously needs to be updated:

The US was now clearly determined to remove Milosevic, who was obstructing Yugoslavia's integration into the western institutional and economic framework.

First, Milosevic wasn't against "western institutional and economic framework". Those who knew him say that he was in love in American way of life (where he worked as a banker for a while). Some of the socially owned enterprises were privatised during his time, also. However, it is pretty hard to "integrate into western framework" when you have US/UN/EU economic sanctions, wouldn't you say? Yes, reforms were slow, but they were going in a right direction. And, unfortunately, with no help from european democracies. (Exept from Italy at some point, of which we are grateful. )

Second, as I said before, Milosevic was overthrowed more than six years ago, and he is dead (for more than a year), but American policy towards Serba hasn't changed a bit. You can notice that lack of Milosevic disorder, as they continue with humiliating, preasuring and punishing the government in Belgrade, although it is said to be a democratic one. With Milosevic on power they wouldn't hesitate to (for example) try to bomb Kosovo away from Serbia, again. Speaking of Kosovo, have you heard that "US is determened to remove the extremists among ethnic Albanians, who are obstructing Kosovo's integration into the western cultural and civilisation framework that exists in today's Serbia"?

Unpleasent question, eh?