Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Who wants to join EUSSR? (Part III)

In this blog entry, I'll try to point out some of the facts that prove live presence of communism in today's political and media sceene in Serbia.

The Communist party in Serbia is devided in two main groups: "nationalists" and "reformists" (some of them I mentioned earlier but now I added some new facts) of which the former MUST NEVER WIN. Because if they do, "there will be booms, sanctions, and isolation" - so the "refomrists" tell us. So technically we have one-party system.

Let's start from the so-called "nationalists"

SRS (Serbian Radical Party) - Probably the best example of the differentiantion process. Their first public apperance was on a protest for support of America (during some of the American wars in the Middle East). When a commie wants to switch to "nationalism" or "democracy" he must be "for America" at some period of his life (that is some unwritten rule.)

Later, during the ex-YU wars, they accepted the role of "ultra-nationalists" and with their vocabulary and public apperance tryed to hide the dark communist past. Their president is on a trial now because of that vocabulary, and the radicals think this is unjustice. (Maybe they are right, who knows? All other communists (croatian, bosnian) used that same vocabulary and got away with it.)
President Vojislav Seselj, started as a young perspective member of the party. In the age of 25 he still believes in communism, but later repents of it. In his presence, Milosevic looked like a moderate socialist. And that was Seselj's role. To be a boogeyman so that Milosevic could look nicer. Some of the serbian "anti-nationalists", (when defending Seselj's nationalism (!)) argue that Mussolini too, was a communist at first, and that didin't bother him to become a fashist. What they are forgeting is that in Musslolini's time communism was still offically live (and well), while in Seselj's case he actually didn't have a choice, for communism was already dead. That is why is his "fashism" just acting and nothing more. ( The same goes for the "nationalism" of other communists in ex-YU republic.)

Later, with no Milosevic at political sceen, Seselj will be regarded as a prostitute without a pimp. Now the radicals have new pimps. The latest such example was when some ex-minister called them fashists, and they answered "you are ustasha" (ustashas were croatian-nazis), and then she (the ex-minister) goes to the media and cries in front of everybody because of that, and then her quasi-expert party "stands up against radical chauvinism", and then nothing. The Serbs and all others (which includes about 40% on national minorities) ingored it all. (But the media didn't). It all happened last year. Yes in 2006, those commie-retards are still in fashist/anti-fashist theatre.

Radicals' fight against the "foreign imperialism" is a lie as well as their "fight for the serbhood". It begins and ends with empty words and theatre sceens. They are political clowns unwilling to become a normal political party.

SPO (Serbian Renewal Movement) If Seselj's role was to make Milosevic look less "nationalistic", Draskovic's (the president of SPO) was to make him look more like a communist dictator. For the world, Draskovic was a dissident fighting for democracy; for the official media he was "american man" conected with crime. Altough there might be some truth about his conections with criminals, that "american man" story was nothing but a commie (Cold War) propaganda. SPO's false nationalism became obvious when Draskovic started to collaborate with Milosevic and when SPO won the local elections in Belgrade. The rule of SPO (and later of Democratic Party) in Belgrade reveled that "democratic opposition" is no less corrupted than "big evil dictators".
Now Draskovic is still a minister of foriegn affairs, but doesn't miss any opportunity to pressure the court over some fraudelent case of "assassination in attempt". Ever since he lost any political credibility (more than 10 years ago) that is the only thing he holds on. Now when SPO is no more in the parliament, I'll waste no more time on them.

SPS (Serbian Socialist Party) They inherited the people and the infrastructure of the Communist Party, and become the most poverful business machine of their time. They also inherited the cult of the lider, whose representative was Slobodan Milosevic. Compared to his communist counterparts in other republics he was no more communist then they were. However if you put two communist side by side, one always looks more redish. (Especially if it suits someone's needs. If you ask me, Milosevic was for americans (US adnimistration's) most valuable player in the Balkans. Their excuse for doing some very bad things.)

It is said that some of SPS's officials or party members were connected with crime, and they maybe were. During the UN sanctions, industries such as gasoline and tobaco smuggling were qute profitable, and knowing the communist moral, it was too hard for them to resist. How did they managed to get away? Easy: "the reformists" that came later forgave them everything, and started to do the same. The media were to busy covering-up the frauds of "the reformists", and that's it.

SNP (People's Socialist Party) This is a montengegreen party. The reason why I mention it here is because they are "pro-Serbian". And by "pro-Serbian" you should read "pro-Yugoslavian", and by "pro-Yuglosavian" you should read "pro-socialists", which leads us to their communist roots. They were all members of the communist party, but they switched to "serbo-yuguslav-social nationalism of Slobodan Milosevic". And althought the referendum on Montenegro's independence was dubious, no one should care about it. When you have incaepable communists who are "for the independence" and incapalbe communists who are for "for the union with Serbia" - you must lose, reagardless of resulsts.

The "anti-nationalists" block a.k.a "the reformists"

When the "reformists" came in 2000, they were acting like communists in 1945. With the wind of "international community" in their back, they started to catch-up their socialist predecessors in law-breaking. And by all means, they managed to become even more corrupted. After first few months of their arrival on power, it became clear that they wern't against the "Milosevic's regime", but only against Milosevic. The regime suited their needs just fine. The main role in "the reformists" block had (and still has) the Democratic Party. Led by Zoran Djindjic (now late), that party's main goal was (and is) to become the new Communist party. Instead the red color and the star as a symbol, they are using blue-yellow combination and EU as "the bright future in which only the Party can lead us". (Even some city busses from one Japanese donations were painted in blue-yellow combiantion by a special request of Democratic Party's members in the city government (so they said) - just so it could look like THE PARTY is the one we should be grateful to. But we never failed for that trick - arigato Japan! )

Djindjic's death was used to spread fear against anybody who is not with THE PARTY. Executions, media manipulation and control, and the atmosphere of fear were normal things in the reformist Serbia in 2003. (Now we don't have executions anymore.) Here you can see how "the old regime" methods, (and people) were used for the "right cause". (It is always the "right cause", isn't it?)
On Djindjic's funeral, one young woman said: "Djindjic was for us, the yuth, what Tito was for the past generations." Indeed, one "true and brave leader" substituted with another, one "and only party" with another. Deep inside, Djindjic's little pioneers care only for the Party, and the leader. (Just like Seselj's little pioneers care only for their Party and the leader.) Try to mention Djindjic's connections with crime or some other of his "imperfections", and you're in trouble.
This is the most powerful political party in Serbia (financialy and in the media), with marketing machinery that works on these three levels:
1. trying to present the Democratic Party as a reformist, pro-european, party
2. spreading rumours (lies) about other "democratic parties" from that block
3. spreading the fear of "big evil radical nationalists" (in which the Radical Party voluntary participates)
(Croatian "democratic" communists have very simillar marketing aproach, on a state level.)

Funny name for a political party. That "g" stands for "group", but might also mean "greed". They started as a group of experts during the Milosevic era. Their first apperance was when they came to Milosevic saying something like: "We do not care about democracy, we do not care about human rights, the rule of the law, freedoms and rights, etc. All we want to do is take care of state finances." But Milosevic refused that, so they had to join the "Deomocratic Opposition of Serbia". (It is funny that back than Public Televison regarded them as "IMF's experts who will destroy our economy" (even without hearing what they have to say), but now they are regarded as "the grait experts" even we all saw what a bunch of political dilettants they really are.)
They are officially "experts" rather than "politicians", but their enrolment in politics is not small. Besides the control of the whole financial sector, they have a couple of ministers too. One of those minister was that woman that I mentioned earlier (when I was talking about "nationalists"). The way she (and the media) acted during the Avian flue was scandalous. As a minister in charched, she was invited by the B92 television on an interveiw. Journaliss was sitting on one side of the table, she on the other and baked chicken was right in the middle of them. "So, you are sayng that there is no danger coming from this Avian flue?" - asks jusrnalist- "would you dare to taste this chicken, then?". And then she eats baked chicken to show that it isn't dangerous, and the jurnalists then continues: "So, what is all this fuss about the flue that we see in the foreing media?" And she answers: "I don't know, but I'm sure it's nothing".

And there you have it: a jurnalist (Mr_I_want_to_be_like_a_grandma_from_the_BBC ), and a "reformist" (Mrs.who_cares_about_avian_flu). It is no wonder that they were so happy when comrades Radicals came later with their "we are the big evil chauvinist" act. In the Balkans it always boils to this.
That is because they are all equally incapable and need some false clash to diverte people's attention.

G17 is an "expert" party, as much as Demomcratic Party is "democratic" or Serbian Radical Party is "nationalistic". Altough you can hear them saying that "experntess is above politics", there are a lots of examples that prove this is just an empty slogan.
And the way that party handeled "the dissidents" among them, the way they were avoiding any public debate on economical issues, leaves some serious doubts about both their experntess in finance and their good intentions.

LDP (Liberal Democratic Party) This party drawes its roots from the anarcho-liberal movement. A movement that started in the Communist Party of Yugoslavia during the seventies. What comprehended the spine of this movement, is now known as quangos. Quango stands for quasi-NGO. You see, a term had to be coined to describe those social mutants, those ultra-leftists who managed to embrace their pure hate toward everythig that is serbian and their fake fight for the human rights.
LDP claims to be the only true follower of the late Djindjic's idea. Beside the cult of a dead leader (which is a characteristic of the last phase of titoism), they also grow the cult of the revolution. Although someone uses the term Jacobin when speaks of Cedomir Jovanovic (leader of LDP), I think that 'bolshevik' suits him better. This young Lenin matured in the days of ex-YU wars, UN sanctions, and student protests of which he was one of the leaders. He had a grait role during the overthrowing of Milosivc, and his extradition to Haag tribunal (ICTY). If we are to follow that bolshevik parallel, that would make Milosevic - Romanoff. (Milosevic did die under very suspicious circumstances in Haag tribunal's jail). Then, the Bush's bombing of the bosnian Serbs and Clinon's NATO aggression on Serbia should represent an attack of the Red Army (a key military force in the Russian civil war). Indeed, it seems that it is not the French revolution they've been exporting, but the October revolution. How else could we explan that US administration (Democrats rather than Republicans, but with no significant difference) and ultra-leftist revolutionaries in ex-YU share the same views regarding the Serbian question.

The media

This political situation wouldn't be possible without the media support. Some journalists support this because of fear, some because of money, some because they don't know better, but many because they don't care. It is normal for them to lie for some "good cause". Lies are getting published every day without any restrictions. Such poison and hate is not seen even on BBCNN during the "big evil Serbs" era. Trust me, I've seen it all, and it cannot compare. Journalists are (like politicians) above the law. Above the judges. They reach verdicts and then expect from the court just to verify it. Judges are resigning because they cannot take the preassure coming from the media and the politicians. Yes, such is communism.

That is why we do not read the press, nore watch the television. (But that doesn't bother them. Their finances come from the the politicians and "honest" business people, not from the oudience.)


Now you see that this is not a European society they are trying to build, but pure communism in democratic outfit. They are rebuilding the old system, with new iconography and new rethorics. They are building EUSSR. Instead of the rule of one Communist party, you have oligarchy of several cripto-communist parties and organisations.
This is most visible in local self-goverment. When became clear that the local self-government must be depolitised (without the influence of the political parties) our cripto-commies (and Democratic Party above all) started the rat race who will employ more "paritie's people" while they still can. Again, with full support of the media.

And such people are talking about "europen values, human rights, EU integrations, serbhood, tradition, orthodoxy". It is no wonder that such people make the whole EU idea repelling at the moments. Whatewer the communists touch, it tends to turn into rubbish.

Communism is evil. It's a disease. It should be treated with care. With rules and regulations (like EU is trying to do) not with lies, propaganda, bombs, or by creating new mini states and spreading instability (like many idiots are hoping to continue).