Friday, September 21, 2007

EUA and Goodbye

One thing seems to bother some Americans these days: Will America become more like the EU?

Since I've already answered on that question elsewhere, I'll just paste it now:

Perhaps because of the latest EU’s “initiative”. That revealed one interesting truth: EU has no opinion on its own but uses USA’s and UN(A)’s as reference points. (Immortal words of Biljana Vankovska remind us: “And what can one expect from a Union whose foreign and security policy is headed by the former NATO Secretary-General?”. Read the text here. )


From that (and some other) incidents, one might conclude that EU is not neutral regarding USA Middle East policy, but rather passive. ( Soft USA is precisely how EU sounded regarding Iran.) Another thing reminded me of USA, and that is EU’s trying to resolve its own internal conflicts (regarding England) trough humiliation of Iran. And that is what many respectable American thinkers consider to be the source of USA’s interventionism: unresolved internal conflicts....

A Goodbye

In the months to come I won't be so active in blogging, and here are some reasons:
- reconstruction of National Library of Serbia (where I had been spending almost all of my Internet time);
- poor financial situation and lack of job (add to that lawlessness, widespread corruption, cronyism, nepotism and incompetence are just being packed in a new blue-yellow "pro-EU" package, which is supposed to replace old, red star "pro-YU" package.);
- "domestic" part of the audience of this blog (mainly above mentioned corrupted, incapable "elite"), etc...

When I first started this blog, it was for two purposes mainly. One was to practice (and hopefully improve) my English: back then I had an idea about emigrating to Australia, but unfortunately, found out that in spite of my various skills it was too expensive for me. Other, so-called "western", countries were never an option. Some eastern were, though. However, if you are an Australian girl who accidentally fallen in love with me while reading this blog, and wants/needs urgently to get married - don't hesitate to contact me. :) . The other reason for starting this weblog was to write something that would be useful to the others.

Therefore, I hope it was useful, and that you enjoyed reading it.